Hyperreal was an exhibition that addressed the duality of modern existence: reality (the physical) and hyperreality (the intangible & digital). Hyperreal illuminated aspects of our lives which are new, complex, and only partially understood, yet often overlooked and easily accepted.

An altered version of the typeface Sneak by TighType was created for use throughout the exhibition.

The idea of constantly engaging with multiple layered realities was expressed through a series of four posters, which displayed quotes from prominent media theorists Umberto Eco and Lev Manovich. Atop the subtractive letterforms was another, clearly legible instance of the message, printed in a clear varnish that was only visible when the viewer's perspective was just so.

In addition to the posters, a digital/physical piece was installed that allowed users to insert one of a selection of coded messages into a closed box, whose contents were decoded and live-streamed to a screen elsewhere in the space.


Some unused pieces of exploratory design.