Student Climate Change Conference @ Harvard

Posters and visual language for a student-led climate change conference at Harvard Univsersity, Spring 2020. The world is burning, and we must act.

Covet @ Great Scott

A poster made in anticipation of a performance by Covet at the Great Scott in Boston. The visual style is evocative of the intricate and layered complexity that defines Covet's songwriting.

Mod Table

A furniture platform designed for variety and easy dis/assembly. Three simple, material-agnostic components join using linkages that require no tools or hardware. CNC milling and precise tolerances create a seamless fit that maintains structural integrity in any configuration. Different quantities and leg heights allow the tables to be configured for myriad purposes, from intimate settings such as a bedside table, to larger and more complex applications, such as exhibition furniture.


An exercise in manipulating physical media to create unique graphic styles and reveal natural systems. How do drastic scale changes affect media that are designed to be static? Balloons were decorated with numerous substances: acrylic paint, spray paint, screen printed plastisol ink, markers, and more, then inflated and deflated. Macro photos revealed the fantastic reactions of each substance.

Upstatement Public Library

Upstatement Public Library is a free and open source website that teaches people how to begin a practice of creating websites. It covers the basics of web development, as well as how professional practitioners set up and integrate their workflows.